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Allen Parish

In Allen Parish

If you like being outdoors and if you like fishing, then Allen Parish is the place to be! With the Calcasieu River, the Quiska Chitto Creek, Six Mile Creek, Ten Mile Creek, and Bundick Creek, you will surely meet the quota for the day! These waterways have spotted bass, large mouth bass, black crappie, channel catfish, longear sunfish, white bass, and striped bass.

Float fishing is a favorite of fishermen in these parts. This type of fishing involves paddling upstream. By moving upstream, all the water movement dislodges dirt, leaves, limbs, driftwood and any trash caught in the drifts to move downstream. Also, the noise made travels downstream faster, and this makes it easier to sneak up on that huge fish that has been dodging the best of fishermen.

The equipment needed for a day out float fishing should include: snacks, water, camera (to prove that big fishing tale) fish stringer, knife, first aid kit, including a snake bite kit, and mosquito repellent. You will need a small ice chest to carry your drinks and food in and for the fish you will catch. It would probably be a good idea to carry along some sunscreen. All this along with the regular fishing gear. Also, not to be forgotten, the personal flotation device for each person aboard the canoe. Suggested floatation device should be one that is attached to the body, such as a vest that fastens tightly. Anytime you go out to canoe, fish, or just to enjoy the atmosphere for a picnic, please carry a garbage bag and pack out what you pack in.




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